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Women’s Love – Louis Vuitton Dior Chanel

Women’s love of bags seems to be born, in their wardrobe can often see a wide range of bags. However, people who know how to appreciate the charm of bags usually choose a classic and memorable single item at the time of purchase. Today you come to the workplace or you want to buy a big bag of students recommend several classic and earning a successor of the bag single product.

Looks like Alessandra Ambrosio, all-black sports style with brown bag out the street, stylish and atmospheric, she combed high tail, wearing silver mirror sunglasses, wearing a black sweater, shoulder Chanel chain bag, the next black letter printing Tight Legging, Nike black sneakers on feet.

Tannin wind and chain package also shows a full fashion style, look at the universe blogger Chiara Ferragni wearing dark brown transparent sunglasses, wearing a light blue wash flowers embroidered lamb fur denim jacket, built within the black sweater, wearing a cross Necklaces, shoulder Chanel Boy gray chain bag, wearing blue hand-painted letter printing jeans, footed black patent leather Slingback high heel sandals, take the black stockings, modeling youth and beautiful.

For many people’s, Louis Vuitton bags are also high-end luxury, but Jia sister would like to say it really cost-effective ah, because it is both from the appearance of the design or its functionality, both stylish and practical All easy to get, especially the classic old handbag, not only shows the retro fashion sense and highlight the trend of the times, and we often can star and fashion people in the street shooting to see its shadow.

Wearing a mirror sunglasses and purple round earrings, wearing a short paragraph Moncler dark blue down jacket, take the Gucci animal flowers blue purple black fight Sweatshirt, black leather pants under wear and purple Gucci socks, feet, black high-heeled boots, shoulder bag LV.

When it comes to Dior handbags can not fail to mention the classic Lady Dior, this section handbag was born in 1995, because of Diana, Princess of Wales’s favorite got “Lady Di” nickname. Lady Dior handbags to the architectural lines, metal letters and tartan Plaid Charm Check pattern, so countless women are enamored, and become the classic Dior brand. This highly layered handbag is a symbol of refined and elegant tailor-made fashion. Later, under the reinterpretation of the designer, this classic was brought to bring a more fashionable and superior style. Many people think before Lady Dior may be mature, but in recent seasons a variety of special series, it is a lot of girls won the girl’s heart!